“Good With Me Festival” Sponsorship Opportunities

The “Good With Me Festival” is a co-sponsored event
by the City of St. Petersburg.


The 3rd Annual “GOOD WITH ME FESTIVAL” is scheduled for
Saturday, September 26th, 2020, from 10am to 4pm

Over 3000 people filled Historic Williams Park for the 2nd Annual “Good With Me Festival” in 2019!

The positive energy in the park was off the Richter Scale!!

It was a positive FUN celebration of every one in attendance!

People of every age were enjoying the continuous entertainment, hands-on activities, foods & drinks, and wares from local vendors who were busy making sales throughout the day! FUN was the word of the day!

Vendors were having fun making sales!

Leslie of “Lovalittle Scents” shared with us at the end of the day that she had been attending events for 3 years and had her 2nd highest sales ever at this event! She is only one of the success stories!

We invite you to partner with us to create an even bigger and more exciting Festival this year!!!  We are offering you access to your target market in this unique and engaging way. The options for you to benefit are available to you a la carte! You get to pick and choose the options that best give you exactly what you want to achieve!

Take a look at this!!! The “Good With Me Festival” as seen on WFLA News Channel 8 Living Local With Lila!



The “Good With Me Festival” is supported by the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.



First Night St. Petersburg supports the “Good With Me Festival”.


Check out the “Good With Me Festival” as seen in the Tampa Bay Magazine, the premier magazine of the Tampa Bay Area!

Be sure to listen to the Brand New “Good With Me” Theme Song produced by Cary S. Reich, President of Sound Branding Ideas.

We are having a fun and exciting “Good With Me” Theme Song activity at the Festival!



A “Good With Me Festival” Sponsorship is about more than your contribution of money!

We want you to partner up with us as a team player that connects you to thousands of local people who are your potential customers. Imagine the benefits of having them know you as a friend who celebrates and cares about them!

Here’s what the “Good With Me Festival” is all about!

The City of St. Petersburg, FL is the birthplace of “Good With Me Day” by an official mayoral proclamation. It is celebrated annually on September 21st, the United Nations International Day of Peace during National Recovery Month.

The “Good With Me Festival” is a community celebration of our citizens. The Festival theme is a “Celebration of You!”

The “Good With Me Festival’s” purpose is to introduce the citizens of our community to healthy choices for having fun and to experience positive ways to express themselves. The Festival showcases an expansive variety of continuous hands-on athletic and non-athletic activities, i.e., the arts, self-nurturing, health & fitness, food & drink, wares, and more — there is something for everyone and it is all available in our local community.

“Good With Me” began as a book, became a “Good With Me Day”, and the “Good With Me Day has grown into the “Good With Me Festival. And there’s more! It has now grown into “The Good With Me Humanitarian Movement”.

“The Good With Me Humanitarian Movement’s” mission is to provide people around the world with a simple practical approach to feeling good about who they are and to being happy for real…regardless of circumstances.

In addition to the Festival on September 19th, 2020, JOIN US on September 21st of 2020 to celebrate YOU in our 1st Annual Virtual Good With Me Day celebration on Social Media. Go to www.goodwithme.com/virtual.


Thank you for taking this opportunity to connect with the citizens of your community by becoming a “Good With Me Festival”  Team Player and Partner by choosing the option that best suits your time and budget! 

To simplify your options and save you valuable time…All sponsorship packages include the following:



Allow us to put together a package that benefits you most!!

We offer customized programs that can work for everyone! Be sure to check them out by using the links below.

Provided below are many different opportunities to become involved with the most important asset of our community, it’s citizens.. If you don’t see one that is exactly right for your desired measure of success and budget be sure to check out the choices that are available in the Customized Package! or contact Patricia Noll at 727-424-1270 or patricia@goodwithme.com

Right click to open or save the PDF documents outlining the opportunity that best fits your company or organization.

Power Point PresentationGood With Me Festival 2020 Sponsorship Presentation

This is a MUST SEE Power Point Presentation. You will want to be a sponsor of this event after you check out the vibrant photos that outline the purpose and the value of a “Good With Me Day Festival Sponsorship”.  A “Good With Me Day Festival Sponsor” will be remembered by the citizens of this community during the Festival and well beyond!


Good With Me Festival Sponsorship Overview 

This is a simplified version of the many beneficial “Good With Me Festival Sponsorship” opportunities! People in the community are expressing their excitement about being connected to the “Good With Me Festival”, the “Good With Me Humanitarian Movement” and more through sponsorship!


Good With Me Day Festival Statistics

This is chockfull of good information to know about who you will be connecting with as a “Good With Me Day Festival Sponsor”. All kinds of stats and demographics are included here.




Good With Me Day Festival Sponsorship Brochure

The “Good With Day Festival” is a platform for change. YOUR SPONSORSHIP WILL PROVIDE THE FUEL FOR CHANGE! It’s a win-win for everyone! Imagine the benefits of having your company or organization recognized as a team player while connecting  with your potential customers in your community. Check this out for more great benefits than you could have imagined!



Good With Me Day Festival 2019 Press Release


Good With Me Festival 2020 Customized Sponsor Package

We want to serve you! And we will over-deliver on our promise to do that! Check out the myriad of options to choose from to create your own personalized and customized “Good With Me Day Festival Sponsorship” Package… one that meets your desired measure of success and your budget. There are awesome choices for every desired measure of success and every budget.


Good With Me Festival 2020 Presenting Sponsor Package

The Presenting Sponsor gets it all! Media, print, vocal recognition and more! This package is packed with benefits for the community-minded company or organization who believes that each and every citizen is its most important potential customer resource. Check out the amazing benefits…



Good With Me Festival  2020 “What Fun It Is” Activities Sponsor Package

This is where the FUN begins! Be the talk of the Festival for the “kids” of every age by sponsoring this year’s activities! People are still talking about the fun they had last year and can’t wait to do it again this year! What kind of fun is that???!!! It’s a win-win for everyone!!!



Good With Me Festival 2020 “For The Art Of It” Arts Sponsor Package

Love the arts? Do you love the arts enough to make it possible for others to experience the joy it brings? Then, this is the sponsorship package for you! Your generous support makes it possible for everyone, even first-timers, to experience the gratifying fun that art provides. Love it!

Good With Me Festival 2020 “Escape Artists” Nomad Art Bus Sponsor Package

WHAT is the NOMAD ART BUS? It is more than a BUS! It’s a team of individuals led by founder Carrie Boucher, dedicated to making a difference in our world through art! Boucher and her team are committed to providing art to those who might never have an opportunity to experience it.  When the bus arrives for the Festival it is an all-white bus and it magically transforms into a work of art by aspiring artists including those picking up a paint brush for the first time. They are of every age, circumstance, social status, education, and culture. And it gets even better! When you sponsor the NOMAD ART BUS you are supporting the Festival’s Charitable Organization!

Good With Me Festival 2020 “Measure of Success” Media Sponsor Package

Your Media Sponsorship gets the word out about the Festival through TV, Radio, Print, and Social Media! Every bit of media exposure can make a difference in a life! It increases the number of people who attend the Festival! When they win…YOU win!


Good With Me Festival 2020 “Happy Happy Happy” Music/Entertainment Sponsor Package

What is a Festival without the music and entertainment? YOU are supporting the continuous festive atmosphere that positive lyrics and upbeat music and entertainment provide throughout the Festival and YOU gain great benefits…



Good With Me Festival 2020 “Good With Me Rocks!” Rock Painting Sponsor Package

“Good With Me” ROCKS! is one of the Festival’s favorite activities for all ages! It is so popular that a group of volunteers are already painting rocks to hide around town – in community parks & near busy street corners and local merchants – months prior to the Festival.  Local merchants are providing free gifts for bringing in a “found” rock. Rock “finders” are encouraged to spread the word by posting photos of their “found” rocks on Facebook. The “Good With Me Day Festival” date is painted on the underside of each rock. What greater benefit than to have your company or organization  painted on them too?


Good With Me Festival 2020 “I Am Good With Me” Festival T-Shirt Sponsor Package

Every Great Team has a Great T-Shirt! The “Good With Me Day Festival” is the culmination of a lot of great teamwork and every great team member will wear a T-Shirt to indicate they are part of this great team. Your sponsorship will indicate that you are a great team leader! The Festival team T-Shirts will also be available to everyone who wants to show off their team member status.


Good With Me Festival 2020 “Thinking Makes It So” Good With Me Book Sponsor Package

The sponsor of this package has the opportunity to provide the life-changing ever-popular “Good With Me” book to the first 500 people, age 16 and over, as they arrive at the Festival. It’s the book everyone is talking about and wants to share with a friend.



Good With Me Festival 2020 “Different Just Like You” Friends Without Homes Swag Sponsor Package

“The Good With Me Day Festival” established a yearly tradition of providing a SWAG BAG of usable and reusable items to our friends without homes who are invited to join in on the fun at the event. Your support  makes it possible to continue this total sense of community!



Good With Me Festival 2020 Face Painting Sponsor Package

We want every little girl and boy who wants to have their face painted have the opportunity to do just that regardless of the family’s financial circumstances. It is completely heart-warming to see them proudly sporting their painted faces throughout the part and even around town. We will all be forever grateful to have you as  the “Good With Me Day Festival” face painting sponsor.



Good With Me Festival 2020 Pet Rescue Sponsor Package

Become the “Good With Me Day Festival” hero by providing your support for our animal friends who are longing for a permanent placement in a loving home.




Good With Me Festival 2020 Photographer Sponsor Package

Be the one who makes it possible to have lasting memories of the fun had by all at the “Good With Me Day Festival” by supporting a community photographer.




Good With Me Festival 2020 Videographer Sponsor Package

Do you have an idea of how much fun it is to see yourself in action in an amazing professional video having loads of fun at the “Good With Me Day Festival”? We are sure you know how much fun that is and would want to be the one who makes this possible to be enjoyed for years by the citizens of our community.


Good With Me Day Festival Poster

The “Good With Me Day Festival” Poster tells the citizens of our community that you are a Festival Sponsor and a Good With Me team player! Plus it provides a sampling of the exciting activities, entertainment, food and drink that they will have the opportunity to experience when they attend. The Festival Sponsor list is one you will benefit from during the Festival and well beyond.



Good With Me Day Festival Advisory Board

“The Good With Me Day Festival” is honored to have such an amazing group of incredibly talented movers and shakers of our community, our country, and the world! We are grateful for the knowledge and experience they bring to the Festival!