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"Good With Me" is a Global Humanitarian Movement that is currently accepting qualified individuals into the "Good With Me" Community Leader Program to become a certified "Good With Me" leader.

This is an opportunity for anyone who demonstrates a commitment to empower others by teaching the stunning importance of real self-esteem in a world dominated by other-esteem. 

You'll become certified to teach all that I teach about the new findings and how to use neuroscience to reframe thinking to make a difference in the lives of people around the world, regardless of circumstances.

Certification as a "Good With Me" leader is right for you if...

  • You dream of empowering others and what your community & the world would be like if the discontent, bullying, violence, school shootings, & terror stopped because everyone in every community on the planet realized they are someone special!
  • You envision that every citizen in every community around the world is deserving of the opportunity to learn how to recognize & appreciate their inner value!
  • You are passionate about teaching others how to be positive thinkers.
  • You want to expand your existing personal platform or create a new profitable platform to share the "Good With Me" message.
  • You have a burning desire to use your unique talents and purpose to make a difference in the world.

Imperative for those seeking to advance their leadership role

“I have been a part of Patricia Noll’s Good With Me Community Leadership Program for over two years which has provided a core understanding of the Good With Me ideal. The program is an intensive study that fine-tunes the Good With Me principles as they apply to ourselves and to our own communities. The Good With Me Community Leadership Program is imperative for those seeking to advance their leadership role by implementing a certified-level of knowledge and skill of the Good With Me principles.”

Nickcole Watkins

Good With Me Community Leader

"Good With Me" Community Leaders are everywhere and everyone… they are YOU!

Being a Certified Mentor in the The "Good With Me" Community Leader program provides you with a platform for dialogue and action by providing step-by-step guidance and solutions for individuals to implement change in their lives.

This simple, practical, & revolutionary approach can help our greatest asset, our family, friends, and neighbors, make positive shifts in attitude and thinking that profoundly impact, and can even save, their lives.

It can help them finally achieve lasting happiness from the inside out, forever changing how they see themselves and others regardless of circumstances.

What will you learn in The "Good With Me" Community Leader Certified Mentor Program?

  • Discover how to share your unique value with others as a certified "Good With Me" Community Leader.
  • Gain the ability to communicate the "Good With Me" message.
  • Grow personally and professionally by teaching what you learn to the world.
  • Find your own path to establish your unique program as a certified "Good With Me" Community Leader.
  • Learn the principles of the "Good With Me" message and the science that substantiates it.
  • Gain the confidence to share your unique experience to reach those that only YOU can reach.**
  • Identify the numerous ways to teach the "Good With Me" message.
  • Discover the best way to market your unique "Good With Me" program
  • Learn how to create a profitable business while living your passion.

...everything you need to establish a successful "Good With Me" community program.

Being "Good With Me" is a Big Deal!

The book, Good With Me, began with the discovery of other-dependency. That discovery has had a life-changing effect for thousands of people…some of whom abused drugs & alcohol, some were in trouble with the law, some had lost everything that seemed to matter & given up, work was just a paycheck, relationships at home & in the work place weren’t working, some were depressed or anxious, most were stressed to the max, & just plain unhappy.  The majority were worried about what others thought about them. Even those who seemed to be happy were faking it to look good. And we see daily what happens when people have uncontrollable anger & rage.

And now Good With Me is MORE than a book! It’s a COMMUNITY of like-minded people who are learning to be happy and recognize their value and worth from the inside out instead of from the outside in.


People who recognize their own value recognize value in others!

People who respect themselves respect others!

Mayor Rick Kriseman proclaims September 21st of each year as Good With Me Day in the city of St. Petersburg, FL.

L to R: Deputy Mayor Dr. Kanika Tomalin, Mayor Rick Kriseman, Dr. Patricia Noll

Whereas, each and every citizen is our most important resource,”                                      -- Mayor Rick Kriseman

 Self-esteem specialist & licensed counselor Patricia Noll believes that other-dependency & lack of self-dependent esteem is responsible for our society’s widespread discontent, unhappiness, addictions, envy, anger, rage, violence, criminal behavior, suicide, and much more.


Good With Me people don’t allow anyone or anything to spoil their good mood

or ruin their good feelings about themselves & others!

PATRICIA NOLL is a licensed mental health counselor, certified addictions professional, and acupuncture physician. As the founder of Focus One, an outpatient substance abuse program licensed by the state of Florida in 1989, Noll specializes in addressing self-esteem as the root of all addiction.  She has appeared on television as a self-esteem and addictions expert. Her addiction treatment manual has received endorsements from Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Jack Kornfield, and Jacquelyn Small.

Here’s what the GWM Community Leader Certification Course includes:

 Bi-weekly 1-1/2 Hour zoom training

●Good With Me Softcover Book & T-Shirt

●Good With Me Community Leader Training Manual

●GWM Community Leader Private Facebook Group

●GWM Community Leader Recognition at GWM Day Festivals/Events

●GWM Community Leader Marketing Course & Guidelines

●GWM Community Leader 6 month Hands-on Internship

●GWM Community Leader Certification Exam & Certification

●GWM Community Leader Master Certification Upgrade Option

Be part of the movement that people are talking about!



TAKE ACTION NOW!   Will be $297 after June 1, 2018

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