Welcome to "Good With Me"!

Over 3000 people filled Historic Williams Park for the last Annual "Good With Me" Festival!
The positive energy hit it out of the park!

 It was a positive FUN celebration of every one in attendance!

People of every age were enjoying the continuous entertainment, hands-on activities, foods, drinks, and wares

 from local vendors who were busy making sales throughout the day!

 FUN was the word of the day!

The 5th Annual 
"Good With Me" Festival

is a co-sponsored event

by the

 City of St. Petersburg.

The spirit of every life has value continues with the


co-sponsored by the city of St. Petersburg


10AM to 4PM

Historic Williams Park

Downtown St. Petersburg, FL

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 to experience the spirit and purpose of the "Good With Me" Festival...

"Good With Me" Festival Photos

All ages enjoyed the entertainment, hands-on activities, foods & drinks, and wares from local vendors! 

It was a magnificent Celebration of YOU! 

The Nomad Art Bus

Amazing Kenny Balloons

Hoola Monsters Hula Hoops

The Movement Sanctuary

Face Painting

Hip Expressions Belly Dancing

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More About "Good With Me"....

Patricia Noll

Founder of the "Good With Me" Global Humanitarian Movement

Founder of the "Good With Me" Foundation

Founder of the "Good With Me" Festival

The "Good With Me" Global Humanitarian Movement started as a book, Good With Me: A Simple Approach to Real Happiness from the Inside Out.

It became recognized as "Good With me" Day on September 21st, The United Nations International Day of Peace, of each year in the city of St. Petersburg, FL by a mayoral proclamation.

 "Good With Me" Day has been recognized and celebrated internationally by people in over 12 foreign countries during virtual celebrations of "Good With Me" Day.

It then grew into an annual "Good With Me" Festival and community celebration of all citizens which is a co-sponsored event by the city of St. Petersburg.

Patricia Noll, Founder of the "Good With Me" global humanitarian movement, with Daisy

AND NOW, it is more than a book a day, a festival, and virtual celebration. It has grown into a global humanitarian movement based on the premise that all people have value. It presents a revolutionary approach to improving the happiness of people throughout the world by providing a simple, practical, step-by-step solution to achieve lasting happiness from the inside out, regardless of circumstances, by recognizing their value, celebrating who they are, and living life with dignity.