Good With Me – Our Different Ways Of “Worrying”

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Worry is the most futile emotion anyone can have. Logically thinking, what does it accomplish? Nothing at all.

People can make themselves “sick with worry,” but it doesn’t change anything. Worry doesn’t make anyone look good, make anyone right, control the opinions of others, or control the way situations turn out. Worry is not an action.

Nothing is resolved by worrying because worrying in and of itself does nothing. Let’s use starting a new job as an example of worry being the result of thinking. All of the following individuals are starting the same new job, yet each one is thinking differently about it.


Individual #1 is excited about starting this new job, because she is looking forward to doing something she is passionate about.

Individual #2 is thinking about how this job will be a great stepping stone to move him forward on his career path.

Individual #3 views the job with trepidation because he is afraid his skills are not adequate for the position. He worries that someone might find out.

Individual #4 is dreading the job because she took a job doing something she doesn’t want to do, just for a paycheck.

Individual #5 is upset about the starting wage and worried about making ends meet on so little pay.

Individual #6 is extremely grateful for the opportunity to have a job, no matter how much it pays.

Individual #7 is worried about what his coworkers will think about him.

Individual #8 is thinking about ways to prove her abilities to the corporate executives and impress them with the knowledge and experience she has.

So who do you think is worried about starting the new job and who isn’t? See if you can make the distinction between the worrier and the non-worrier. Remember it is the same job position, same rate of pay, same hours, same everything for every one of them.

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