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Have You Ever Pretended To Be Happy When You Weren’t? Something Has To Change...

and the only thing I can change is “ME”!

Just imagine what your life would be like if you could reinvent
yourself by changing the way you see yourself, and be
truly happy from the inside out...
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As you can see in the testimonial, real people are making real and lasting
change in their lives. Regular people are taking control 
and living the happy life
that most people only dream about. When 
was the last time you felt this way?
And what if making real and 
lasting change is easier than you think?

Our society is teaching us to have fake self-esteem instead of true self-esteem.
This is responsible for the discontent, unhappiness, 
addiction, jealousy, envy, anger,
rage, violence, criminal behavior, 
and even suicide that is so prevalent in our society
today. Most of us 
have been taught to have other-dependent esteem instead of self-
dependent esteem.


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Who knew that what we had been taught
about self-esteem doesn’t work?

Good With Me is not just a book, it's a philosophy based on easy-to-implement principles like:

  How to stop depending upon someone or something outside of yourself to

      feel good.

 How to shift your thinking about yourself, others, and life to have Real fun.

  How to love who you are and believe you have basic fundamental value.

 How the psychological principle I discovered called "other-dependent esteem"

      leads to anxiety, worry, stress and addiction.

According to current research, lack of self-esteem is at an all time high. Addiction

to drugs and alcohol is epidemic. We live in a society that has been taught to be other-

dependent in order to feel good, i.e., someone or something is supposed to make us happy.

What would the world be like if everyone on the planet including those in the list below

realized they are someone special.

What world would be like if everyone on the planet including those in the list below
realized they are someone special?

  • the lost ones
  • the uneducated
  • those who don’t fit in and belong anywhere
  • those who have given up on life
  • those who are bitter
  • those who are  angry
  • those who are violent

This revolutionary book will
reveal the answers to these difficult questions:

  • How can I rise above everyday stress and have nothing "ruffle my feathers"?  Page 74
  • How can I feel good about myself even when nothing turns out the way it should?   Page 19
  • How can I "think" myself into being happy without dependency? Page 214
  • How can I break out of my "box" and live the life I truly deserve?   Page 8
  • and much, much more.

And for those of you who have children: How can we end the struggles and 'tug-of-war" between us and our children?  Page 141

This is your chance to take hold of your happiness again...
maybe for the 1st time ever.

For over 25 years my approach to self-esteem has made a difference in the lives of
literally thousands of people. My purpose for writing Good with Me was to create a
movement that will make a greater difference in the world. Now my intent is to create
an awareness of the ROOT cause of unhappiness and addiction and to provide a credible
easy-to-implement solution FOR a broad audience. The book is a guide that helps people
recover from a life that isn’t as satisfying as it could be. Life is hard…no one will dispute
that. By systematically working through a step-by-step guide you can discover how to
feel good about yourself in any circumstance.

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You can feel good for years and years to come!

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