Get Ready For Something To Go Wrong….

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Do you remember when the bumper sticker “Shit Happens” was popular? Do you remember how you reacted to that statement? Or how do you suppose you might have reacted to that statement?

Would you be part of the majority who would say “OH NO! Now what do I do?” Would you immediately think you have a problem? Would you instantly get ready for trouble?

Are you someone who allows a problem to ruin your day? Do you give all of your power away to a problem by getting all upset and stressed out?

If so, then I think it is important to identify what which makes a problem a problem. But first let’s take a look at the definition of a problem as defined in the dictionary. A big reason for defining what makes a problem a problem is because almost everything has become a problem for most people these days.

The problem is that the minute we label anything as a problem, regardless of the definition of a problem, we think differently about whatever is happening.

Whenever we decide that so and so, whatever it happens to be, is a problem, we’re telling ourselves to get ready for something to go wrong and get ready for trouble. The brain will then take our instruction and get ready to fight it or run away from it.

In this context, problems are completely unworkable situations which lead to making us nervous, anxious, worried, and stressed.

If this describes you, now is the time to let go of your need for approval from others by learning how to be a Good With Me person who no longer needs to label everything as a problem.

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