Virtual Festival Prize Winners

Congratulations to all of our "Good With Me" Virtual Festival WINNERS!!!!

We are all winners and some of our winners won a PRIZE!!!

The prize winners are...

Nisi Kingry  - winner of the ValPak "Good With Me" Day Celebration $100 Grand Prize!

Peggy Noell - winner of Laura Steward's book "What Would a Wise Woman Do?" and 1 hour private consultation valued at $500 

Tony Waters - winner of Guru Essential Oils GURU Less Stress Trio that includes guru calm blend, happy blend, sleep blend, and carrying case

The following prize winners get to choose from a list of prizes... 

The winners are...

Facebook User Kimberly –

Sharon Richman Diamond –

Gill Waddell -

Jacqueline Viles –

Tawanna Schroeder –

Leona Watkins –

Keesha Elenora –

Patty Rose Slater –

Wendy Guy –

Carol Noell Brogan -

Nickcole Watkins –

Cary Reich –

Jamie McWade –

Michael Banning –

Sharon Fekete -

The prizes to choose from on a first come, first serve basis are...

10 - $10.00 Amazon Gift Cards provided by Wendy Banning

  2 -  First Night St. Petersburg Admission Buttons designed by a Creative Clay artist (ready in                   December 2020)

  1 -  First Night St. Petersburg Recycled Banner Change Purse (ready in December 2020)

  4 - Copies of "The Broken Road to Mental Health in Life and in Business by Sharon Fekete

  4 – Copies of "Good With Me: A Simple Approach to Real Happiness from the Inside Out" by                    Patricia Noll

Everyone is a WINNER! EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED THE "Good With Me" Virtual Festival and "Good With Me" Day Celebration is the winner of the $27 e-book "Automate Free" by Tom Antion, host of "Screw the Commute" Podcast and founder of Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. Download and enjoy.

Go to

This book is loaded with extremely lightning fast ways to do your work. 

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Here's how to claim and receive your prize!

Tell us which prize you would like and where to send it via email to or via text to 727-424-1270.

Please let our very generous prize sponsors know how much you appreciate them for adding another dimension of fun to the "Good With Me" virtual festival and "Good With Me" Day Celebration.

ValPak:  Email your thank you to Chris Bilotta at

Laura Steward: Email your thank you to Laura Steward at

Guru Essential Oils: Email your thank you to Judy Brownell at

Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia: Email your thank you  to Tom Antion at

The Broken Road to Mental Health in Life and in Business: Email your thank you to

Good With Me:  A Simple Approach to Real Happiness from the Inside Out: Email your thank you to

Amazon Gift Certificates: Email your thank you to Wendy Banning at

FIrst Night St. Petersburg: Email your thank you to Jamie McWade at

If you or anyone you know would like to be a sponsor for the live "Good With Me" festival in the spring of 2021 in Historic Williams Park in Downtown St. Petersburg, please let us know about it. We promise to take good care of them to be sure they benefit greatly from their sponsorship, and we always over-deliver on our promise. You/they can email or text 727-424-1270.

Always remember what our virtual festival guest speaker, Steve Westphal, said to us..."we are all winners!"

 Thank you Steve for your inspirational heartfelt message.

Click here or on the link at the bottom of the page to hear the replay of Steve's amazing welcoming speech.

Remember that even if you didn't win a prize --- YOU ARE A WINNER!