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Power Point PresentationGood With Me Festival 2020 Sponsorship Presentation

This is a MUST SEE Power Point Presentation. You will want to be a sponsor of this event after you check out the vibrant photos that outline the purpose and the value of a “Good With Me Day Festival Sponsorship”.  A “Good With Me Day Festival Sponsor” will be remembered by the citizens of this community during the Festival and well beyond!


Good With Me Festival Sponsorship Overview 

This is a simplified version of the many beneficial “Good With Me Festival Sponsorship” opportunities! People in the community are expressing their excitement about being connected to the “Good With Me Festival”, the “Good With Me Humanitarian Movement” and more through sponsorship!





Good With Me Day Festival Sponsorship Brochure

The “Good With Day Festival” is a platform for change. YOUR SPONSORSHIP WILL PROVIDE THE FUEL FOR CHANGE! It’s a win-win for everyone! Imagine the benefits of having your company or organization recognized as a team player while connecting  with your potential customers in your community. Check this out for more great benefits than you could have imagined!