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October 1, 2014

A Bully is a Bully is a Bully – Part 1

One Word Fits All for those who engage in harassing, stalking, hitting, fighting, threats, blackmail, domestic violence, rape, gang violence, drug trafficking, killing, terrorism and more…that one word is BULLY!

The bully, whether in person, in cyberspace, via telephone, email and texts, and any other form of communication, torments, persecutes, oppresses, intimidates, browbeats, harasses, and frightens their prey with aggressive and tyrannical behavior.

Even though a bully will minimize and rationalize his or her (yes I really did say her) behavior in order to justify his or her actions, there is NO WAY OUT. Bullying is bullying is bullying period!

Bullies come in every size, shape, and age. Some are just bigger…and older…than others. And yes, they are boys and girls…male and female.

Listen carefully…bullies are not only the mean kids on the school bus or the playground. They are not only in the halls and bathrooms of schools and movie theatres.

Little bullies grow bigger and they grow older. And the form of bullying grows, too. One common version of the bigger and more grown-up version of the kid on the school bus is the “grown-up” bully who engages in Domestic Violence.

workplace_bullyingActs of violence can be extreme enough to be what we now refer to as terrorism. But, when this extreme form of bullying happens in the domicile, we refer to it as Domestic Violence rather than terrorism. Does the term Domestic Violence lessen the terror? Does the term Domestic Violence make the terrorizing behavior of another less terrifying or even less deadly for those who are terrorized by another? Yes, Domestic Violence is an act of domestic terrorism.

So who is a bully anyway?


Anyone can be a bully. In addition to age and gender, a bully can be any height and weight, any race, culture, social status, and sexual orientation. A bully can be rich or poor, employed or unemployed, popular or unpopular, educated or uneducated. They can be religious, spiritual, agnostic, or atheist.

A bully can be your coworker, professional colleague, next door neighbor, and even your best friend, parent, child, and spouse.

A bully can be a celebrity, star athlete, favored politician, corporate CEO, and others in high places who are often role models for the rest of society, especially the young.

In the extreme sense, bullies are gang members who terrorize entire neighborhoods and kill for a color and three letters. They are drug dealers who prey on those who are looking for a way to feel better. And they are terrorists who terrorize the world with their atrocious acts.

So what is the difference between star athletes and thugs who are bullies and commit acts of violence, domestic or otherwise?

Money, prestige, popularity, and even publicity are at the top of the list. These four things keep the celebrity bully, star athlete bully, favored politician bully, corporate CEO bully, and other bullies in high places buoyed up. It allows them to rationalize and justify their alleged act of violence. It often gives a false sense of above-it-allness which allows them to fake their way through life as a kind and loving individual on the football field or in the corner office while they become as sick as the secret they work so hard to keep hidden from the adoring eyes of their fans or employees.

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