Want Awesome Self Esteem? Practice Makes Perfect!

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Some of you are already making significant positive changes that with practice will become habitual. Some of you are not.

What’s up with that? Why will some of you keep on looking for the next best self-help book, conference, or event to get the help you still need? What is the difference between the person who makes positive life changes and the person who doesn’t? Some people read a book or go to a workshop, practice nothing, and just sort of think about it, while others become very good at practicing positive habits. As an example, Tiger Woods is very good at practicing golf. Michael Jordan was very good at practicing basketball. What do you want to be good at practicing?

Practice may sound like a drudge. More work than fun. Whatever it is for you will depend upon the way you think about it. Will you think it is work, or will you think yourself into having fun with it?

Practice changing one single negative thought about yourself into a positive thought. To begin, you might want to choose a negative thought about you that will be easier than others to replace with a single positive thought. Practice thinking the new positive thought about you over and over and over until a change occurs in your thinking. You might notice the negative thought popping up every once in a while. When that happens, don’t resist it.

When you feel good about yourself your behavior reflects it.

For example, the better you feel about yourself the better you take care of yourself. The better you take care of yourself, the better the thoughts you have about yourself. The better the thoughts you have about yourself, the better you feel about yourself and the loop continues. This is the powerful positive thinking-feeling-doing loop at work!

There are many other simple techniques to transform your life into one of infinite happiness.

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