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CBS Affiliate KENS 5

CBS Affiliate KENS 5 (L to R) Morning News Show Host Mayra Moreno, Celebrity Image Consultant Starley Murray, Author of Good With Me, Patricia Noll

Deepak Chopra

"Here’s what Deepak Chopra has to say about Patricia’s Focus One Program: “Focus One offers practical and sensible guidelines for those who seek freedom from all types of addictions."

Lone Star Emmy Awards

Self-Esteem Expert and Author of Good With Me at Lone Star Emmy Awards.

Self-Esteem Expert Patricia Noll

Good With Me as seen at the Long Star Emmy Awards with Author and Self-Esteem Expert Patricia Noll.

Miss Tampa Teen Pageant 2014 Judge

Author Patricia Noll was privileged to participate on the judging panel for the Miss Tampa Teen Pageant 2014 held on February 1-2, 2014.

Author Patricia Noll receives NAPW Woman of the Year 2013/2014

The National Association of Professional Women recognizes Author and Self-Esteem Expert, Patricia Noll, as Woman of the Year 2013/2014 for demonstrating excellence and dedication within her profession.

Self-Esteem vs Other Dependent-Esteem

Self-Esteem vs Other Dependent-Esteem is what Patricia Noll is all about. In this episode we hear two stories that prove to her that life after death is real. Patricia is an author, speaker and founder of Good With Me. Listen in to Sandra Champlain’s We Don’t Die Radio Show as she interviews author Patricia Noll.

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Important Announcement!

Dr. Patricia Noll announces the publication of her book Good With Me by New York publishing company Morgan James due out late fall.

Dr. Noll is the founder of Focus One, a substance abuse treatment program licensed by the State of Florida since 1989. Dr. Noll identifies our other-dependent society as a global challenge because it teaches other-dependent esteem instead of self-esteem.

As a self-esteem expert, she offers an innovative solution for one of the world’s most pressing issues by teaching men, women, and children how to be a good with me person in our other-dependent society. She has given over 1000 presentations on shifting other-dependent esteem into self-esteem.

As founder of Focus One, a substance abuse treatment program licensed by the State of Florida since 1989, she has received endorsements for her program from Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Jack Kornfield and Jacquelyn Small.

Press Release

St. Petersburg, FL - Our other-dependent society is teaching us to have other-dependent esteem instead of true self-esteem and is responsible for the discontent, unhappiness, addiction, anger, rage, violence, criminal behavior, suicide that is so prevalent in our society today according to self-esteem expert, Dr. Patricia Noll, who provides simple solutions for men, women, and children to learn how to feel good about themselves for real and just because.

According to Dr. Noll, we have mistaken other-dependent esteem for self-esteem. She says, “Those who are other-dependent don’t esteem themselves unless someone else esteems them.” She purports there is no self-esteem in that kind of esteem and:

  • It is other-dependent esteem that fluctuates between high and low, not self-esteem as originally thought.
  • Other-dependent esteem is high or low because it is dependent upon approval from others, accomplishments, material possessions, and much more.
  • The uncertainty of other-dependent esteem leads to anxiety, worry, stress and addiction.

Dr. Noll announces the publication of her book Good With Me due out on Morgan James in fall 2013. Good With Me offers:

  • A simple and practical approach to end dependency upon someone or something outside of oneself to feel good and to shift other-dependent esteem to true self-esteem when pursued with intentionality.
  • It explores the root of unhappiness and addiction and systematically provides step-by-step guidance for everyone who wants to discover how to like who they are and believe they have basic fundamental value.
  • It shows anyone who wants to feel good how to shift their thinking about themselves, others, and life and how to have real fun without hurting themselves or putting themselves and others in harms way.

Dr. Noll’s proven ability as a self-esteem expert

to help people shift from other-dependentesteem to true self-esteem in order to feel good about who they are without depending upon something or someone outside of themselves has revolutionized traditional treatment. To learn more about her platform for dialogue and action opportunities to implement change where change is greatly needed contact Dr. Noll at patricia@goodwithme.com.