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Jacquelyn Small

“Patricia’s new book gives us many thoughtful and attainable ways to step out of our unexamined ways of thinking and living that lead to discontent. Her philosophy and methods take us deeper into knowing ourselves and what we truly want in life. All who study this book will grow into more of who they want to be.”

Catherine Elliott

Dr. Noll is teaching something that is powerful and real. Changing your mindset and thinking positive allows for endless opportunities. I changed because I made a change…

Jordan Johnson

Dr. Noll’s approach to life is something that I had never heard of. Feeling good from the inside out while using positive thinking is something that has changed my life and in all reality saved it as well. My life was basically a mess even though I didn’t know it. I dreaded each day because I didn’t know what it would bring and if it would be good or bad. After four months in this program I am excited to wake up and see what the day brings me.

Positive thoughts have powerful results and my life has changed in amazing ways. I now own my own home with my fiancée and my father has found a new place for himself to move. I was excited to begin planning my wedding and although our budget was small we knew it would be okay, only to find out our parents were giving us more money than we had imagined. I’ve gained self-confidence, self-esteem and true happiness. Thank you Dr. Noll for teaching me how to change my life.

Andrew White

Hello my name is Andrew and I am an ex-substance abuser. I didn’t come from a troubled home or family. I was troubled in my head about what I wanted for me. I was always a good kid, got good grades, and stayed out of trouble throughout most of my life. My first couple years were good, my eleventh grade year is when I lost myself, getting older and having more privileges. We started underage drinking, going to parties, getting wasted and thinking it was amazing. Pretty soon I started smoking weed.

As I got older my substance abuse got worse. I wanted and needed more everyday, every minute, until that’s all I would do or wanted to do. Not long after that I started breaking rules or laws to get what I needed. I broke a lot of laws and never got caught. Then I got caught and went to jail for the first time. After the third time I got to choose to come to Dr. Noll’s class, so I came still abusing, not listening and failed.


Now I’m back again, sober and with an open-mind. And I can say I’m glad I came back with a clear head because she helped me change my life.

I’m retraining my brain to help me succeed and grow to a man. I’m blessed to have opened-up and learned something. I love myself for me and I wouldn’t change what I have or what I’ve learned for anything. Retraining my brain has given me the best tool, how to use my brain to it’s full power.

I’m me. I’m amazing, beautiful and so much fun. I will keep moving forward with my life that is full of positive energy and spreading the word to the world. Dr. Noll has helped me so much and I thank her for all the time and energy she put into me.