Loving Yourself First Is Key In The Ability To Love Others.

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We are considered virtuous if we take care of everyone else prior to tending to our own needs. Many of us notice that people like us better when we are selfless.

There’s a general misconception in our society that selfishness is bad and that it’s wrong to put yourself before others. Selfishness has a negative connotation. The phrases “it’s all about me” and “looking out for number one” imply that you are conceited, arrogant, or self-centered. They very seldom imply that you are a healthy individual who has self-dependent esteem.

How can you help someone feel empowered or give to someone the things that you do not possess for yourself? Caring about others starts with caring about yourself first. Loving yourself first is key in the ability to love others. It’s OK to give yourself permission to put yourself first and others second.

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