You Hold The Power In A Single Thought – Good With Me

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Since most of us didn’t learn what a difference a thought makes in kindergarten or Life 101, we have to do it now.

Who of us grew up knowing that we can make ourselves feel happy anytime we choose to do so? And who knew that it begins with changing a myriad of negative thoughts into a single positive thought that will multiply into more and more positive thoughts? And who would have believed that we could do it all by ourselves with no outside help?

Of course, when we have the ability to think ourselves into being happy, we will no longer be dependent upon the food, alcohol, drugs, antidepressants, money, designer clothes, gambling, job title, or the perfect person to make us happy. We will be self-dependent and free to experience real happiness from the inside out.

Notice that you are having thoughts all of the time. Those thoughts are not only creating your experience of life, they are creating the way you experience yourself. I want you to especially notice if any of your thoughts are putting you down or making you doubt your ability to create a life experience that includes real happiness from the inside out.

Are they saying something like, “This isn’t going to work for me” or “I’m not going to be able to do this”? If so, you have to change your thoughts about yourself and what you are capable of achieving.

See if you can change them now. What is the outcome?

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