• What is self-esteem?
    Simply put, it is the opinion you have about yourself. But it is more complicated than that. Because we are living in an other-dependent society, self-esteem has little to do with self. Very few people have a good opinion of themselves based upon their intrinsic value just because they exist. Instead any value they have is dependent upon someone or something outside of themselves. Thus, most of society has other-dependent esteem and not real self-esteem.


  • What is Good With Me about?
    Good With Me teaches people how to have a high opinion about themselves just because they exist. It is astep-by-step guide wherein you can discover just how simple it is to be happy with yourself for real. It shows you how to identify the must-have building blocks for feeling good about who you are, for healthy relationships, and for real happiness from the inside out by encouraging out of the box thinking about your own unlimited unhappiness.


  • Who can benefit from Good With Me?
    Anyone who is unhappy, whether a little or a lot. Anyone who doesn’t feel good about who they are, who seeks approval from others, who worries about what others think about them, and is tired of feeling bad.


  • What is the most important thing someone can do to boost his or her self-esteem?
    Change the way they think about themselves. Change their negative chatter about themselves to positive and kind thoughts about who they are. To know that it doesn’t matter what others think about them and realize it is what they think about themselves that makes a difference.


  • What can parents do to teach their kids to have self-esteem? 
    The best way to teach kids to have self-esteem is to have it as a parent.  Parents are role-models for their kids and their kids learn how to have it when they see it in action.


  • What is the difference between arrogant, egotistic, and high self-esteem?
    High self-esteem is not arrogance or egotism. People with high self-esteem don’t have to prove anything to anyone. They realize their intrinsic good and value it.


  • Why can’t I find the right person to make me happy?
    Because no one outside of yourself can make you happy. Being happy is an inside job. You are responsible for making yourself happy with the thoughts you think. Being happy is the result of your thinking about what someone does or doesn’t do for you.


  • Why is everyone else so happy and I’m not?
    According to the research, they probably are not happy. The majority of society is pretending to be happy in order to look good to others so that others will approve of them.


  • Why are my thoughts so important?
    Because thought creates your reality of life regardless of whether it is accurate or inaccurate. If you think it, it is real for you. Thought is everything. We would be nothing without it and wouldn’t even know it. Besides, thought creates feelings and feelings creates behavior/action. Everything starts with a single thought.


  • How can I manage my stress?
    I don’t teach anyone how to manage stress. Why would anyone want to manage something that is going to kill them? It is important to know that stress begins with a single negative thought which becomes the feeling of stress. Change the thought and the feeling changes. But, even more important, is to avoid having the thought that creates the feeling of stress.