Current World Events – Something Is Sorely Missing…

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While it is generally the goal of parents and teachers alike to instill self-esteem in each and every child, many have no idea what actually works.

Many educators have a plan for raising test scores, but little to no knowledge of how to teach self-esteem. Unfortunately, you cannot teach what you do not know. This is not to say that teachers don’t do their best to build self-esteem in children by using whatever tools and programs are made available to them. They definitely deserve credit for their efforts. But if we take a look at the events currently taking place in society, it doesn’t take much to see that something is sorely missing; the lack of knowledge about other-dependent esteem.

Awareness of the source of your own personal esteem, either from within yourself or from someone or something outside of yourself, provides you with a valuable tool to understand your choices, behaviors, and interactions with others.

Fortunately for all of us, taking ownership of our self-esteem is possible, as the case of one of my clients, Michael. Michael writes:

I finally accomplished a goal. I have self-esteem now. Looking back, I made starting Junior Varsity and the Backup Varsity Basketball team, but I quit because I didn’t think I was good enough. At age 22 I had a walk on tryout with the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball team and didn’t try out because I didn’t think I was good enough. Today at age 50 I feel great. Life is great. I have accomplished something for the first time in my life and can do it anytime with the confidence I have now and the man I have become who loves life and myself. There’s nothing I can’t do!!

My life has purpose and I don’t need mind altering substances to enjoy it. I used to live in a fog, but life is clearer now. I live in the moment not the past or future. I enjoy life thanks to the principles in Good With Me in a group setting. It woke me up! My overall outlook on life is 100% better. I love my new life, my freedom. I love the new me. I respect me.”          – Michael C.

Just because you didn’t have self-esteem as a child, or even up until this moment, doesn’t mean you can never have it. Discover how you can use the understanding of the 2 self-esteems to attain lasting happiness.

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