Make A Shift To Happiness Right Now!

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Besides the many people who overmedicate and get into serious trouble with pain medications of all types, there are no doubt people with chronic illnesses who don’t want to take medications. They never abuse them, but take them just to function. They rely upon them to feel good enough to simply get dressed and fix […]

Healthy Selfishness – The Gift That Keeps On Giving?

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Unhealthy selfishness serves a purpose, but there is a distinction between healthy selfishness and unhealthy selfishness. While unhealthy selfishness equips us to carry on and thrive, we put ourselves first at the expense of others and are available to no one. For example, those who exhibit traits of unhealthy selfishness may put themselves first and […]

Worrywart: Projecting and Your Future Outcome

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In a scenario where two people on their way to work become stuck in traffic, one individual thought himself into being worried while the other thought himself into remaining calm. One individual thought ahead to all of the possible consequences of being late — all of which were negative — even though none of them […]

Keeping Up With The “Joneses” Could Be Killing You.

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While some poor choices result in the extreme situations of someone “losing it all” as a result of “over the top” destructive behavior, seemingly innocent attempts to fulfill ones other-dependent needs are actually more prevalent. Both come with a price even though some poor choices made by people with other-dependent needs seem to have no […]