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Patricia Noll

I have been privileged to interact with each and every person who has come to me for help, and through those special relationships I am blessed to be someone who enjoys real happiness that can only come from within. It is an authentic happiness that anyone who is self-dependent can own and experience. I am convinced that the time has never been more right for each of us to learn how to experience real happiness from the inside out.

I continue to learn each and every day just as you do. What I share with you here at this website and community is the result of my own personal quest for real happiness. For me, learning how to become self-dependent is groundbreaking, exciting, and opens up unlimited possibilities that people like you and me could only dream about.

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I can show you how to make the shift from being
other-dependent to becoming self-dependent

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Are you unhappy and don't know why or how to fix it?

Do you compare yourself to others and feel bad about yourself?

Do you worry about what others think about you?

Is being successful and having it all not enough?

Have you given up on yourself?

Other-dependency means that our happiness and self-worth depends upon someone or something outside of ourselves, such as:

- what we have, do and know
- achievements and accomplishments
- looking good, being right and being the best

Self-esteem expert and licensed counselor Patricia Noll believes that other- dependency is responsible for our society's widespread discontent, unhappiness, addictions, envy, anger, rage, violence, criminal behavior, suicide and much more.

In Good With Me, Noll presents the same revolutionary approach that has helped her clients at Focus One shift from other-dependent esteem to true, self-dependent esteem - and experience freedom from the crippling effects of other-dependency. This simple, practical, step-by-step solution will also help you finally achieve lasting happiness from the inside out, regardless of circumstances.

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